For Riot Games Music, ensuring a player-centric approach in our social content was vital as we bridged the worlds of music and Riot's popular games like VALORANT and League of Legends. We aimed to maintain a deep connection with and to foster excitement amongst existing players while reaching out to new audiences outside of the Riot community, leading us to adopt the persona of "the resident friend with access." Our primary objective remained consistent: boosting streams and broadening the reach of major Riot events and new song releases.
We used heavy social listening to produce the content our players wanted to see while tapping into relevant trends to promote Riot Games Music through 14 major campaign beats – including the launch of a new virtual band, the League of Legends World Championships, and VALORANT Champions.
Our efforts resulted in substantial growth, with 230K new TikTok followers, 2.72M Twitter engagements, and video content views surpassing 4M consistently. Notably, our HEARTSTEEL band member takeover generated a massive response, amassing 220K engagements and 5M impressions in a single day. Engaging with new fans, we frequently found them expressing how our music inspired them to delve into League or VALORANT.
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