We were asked to kick off Netflix's first-ever global fan event with a bang and draw massive crowds through a social launch campaign. We then had to repeat and even surpass that success in the following two years.

In the beginning, nobody knew how to pronounce 'Tudum,' let alone what it was all about. In the second and third years, we faced the added hurdle of drastic format changes, which meant completely redefining the concept, structure, and content. It was a bit like starting from scratch each time.
We decided to bring the sound of 'Tudum' to life and really hammer home its value by promising exclusive moments, A-list stars, major titles, and sneak peeks all through eye-catching visuals, custom illustrations and scroll-stopping moments. We made sure to activate fandoms and build excitement across all fronts—talent, owned media, paid promotions, and earned channels.
We had some great results. In 2021, Tudum launched to an impressive 25.7 million views across all social platforms. Fast forward to 2023, and we hit a whopping 78 million views. Talk about exceeding expectations and keeping the momentum going!
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